Bochum, Germany
 November, 18-20
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REM 2015  —  Topics

Mechatronic Systems
  • Actuators, sensors, components and systems
  • Control (motion, robots, vibration, remote)
  • Supervision, diagnostic, safety and reliability
  • Software and embedded systems
  • Materials for mechatronics
  • Co-operating systems
  • Robotics, parallel kinematics
  • Mechatronic measurement techniques
  • Vision systems
  • Sensors network, control area network
  • Smart materials (piezoelectricity ...)
Methodologies, Tools and Languages
  • Mathematics for mechatronics
  • Preliminary design
  • Modelling (multiphysics, hybrid approach ...)
  • Simulation, virtual prototyping
  • System engineering
  • Integration, Verification, Validation, Qualification
  • Formal Specification and Verification
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Sustainability and Ressource Efficiency for mechatronic products
  • Mechatronics standardisation
  • PLM for mechatronics
Education and Learning
  • Initial, continued and professional education
  • Project based learning
  • Internet based learning
  • Mechatronics basics
  • New mechatronics courses
  • Internationalisation of study courses
Industrial Applications
  • Transportation industry (automotive, electromobility, aerospace, railways, drone, submarine, avionics...)
  • Energy systems (wind energy, photovoltaics, fuel cell...)
  • Automation (robot systems, assembly...)
  • Medical and bio-mechatronics (assistant systems, micro-mechatronics...)
  • Consumer goods
  • Micro and nano-mechatronics (systems, production...)
  • Haptic, human augmentative and rehabilitation equipments
  • Artificial intelligence applications
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