Bochum, Germany
 November, 18-20
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REM 2015  —  Presentation

Thanks to the work of the authors and the highly dedicated reviewers the IPC was able to set up the conference programme. We have three parallel sessions tightly scheduled most of the time — and some fine extra events.

Hints to speakers

There are 15 minutes for each paper to be presented by one of the authors. The computer and beamer provided in each session room has to be used. Please have your presentation prepared as .pdf on an USB stick and hand it to your room's / track's usher at registration.
Please use the paper number in the file name as "ipNN_presentation.pdf".

Speakers are asked to contact their session chairs to give their assignment to the paper as speaker and give them titles, name, affiliation etc. for a a very short introduction — best prepared on a small sheet of paper.

The session chair persons

will check if their papers ("ipNN_presentation.pdf") are ready on the track room's computer. They will not allow a speaker to bring own devices for presentation or make any changes on the room's installation.

The chair person will give a very short introduction to the paper and speaker.
After the 15 minutes presentation the chair person may allow questions, time permitting.

Three parallel tracks with synchronisation points may require a draconic time regiment by the chairs. We hope for your understanding.

We appreciate, if speakers and session chair persons would check soon lest their duties and interests collide by parallel sessions.

Of course, all speakers and delegates to REM2015 have to be registered.
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